Boiler Repair Washington DC

Boiler Repair Washington DC

Haynes has lots of experience with residential and commercial boiler repairs here in the Washington DC area. Let us know, day or night, 24 hours a day, if you need any boiler services. It does not matter the brand or model boiler one currently has, we can get it running again quickly.

When to Schedule Professional Boiler Repair

As soon as you suspect that your boiler may need a repair let us know. Boiler issues usually do not happen instantaneously, but rather over time. Once homeowners realize there is a problem, it may have been developing for a while already. With boilers, ignoring potential repairs can be a dangerous risk of serious damage to the heating system and home or office.

Common Boiler Problems:

  • Problems with low water levels
  • Broken diaphragm and airlocks on Thermostat
  • Motorized valve failure

Why Have Routine Boiler Maintenance

Haynes know that the best way to keep a boiler operating correctly is with routine maintenance. All boilers need some professional maintenance so they operate with the most efficiency as it can and without unexpected repairs. The sooner potential issues are found, and they occur from normal operation with a boiler, the better, so it doesn’t develop into a costly boiler repair. Get in touch with us any time to schedule your professional Washington DC boiler maintenance.

Benefits of an annual boiler tune up and safety inspection include:

  • Prolonging the life of the equipment
  • Save energy and money on energy bills with a boiler running at peak efficiency
  • Avoid breakdowns and potential emergency service calls
  • Keep equipment warranty active – some warranties are voided if not serviced annually

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